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Is custom software in 2019 spelled EGO?

I still struggle , as do many, with the rationalization between building software and buying software. Microsoft Excel , likely one of the most widely recognized packaged software applications, was released over 30 years ago . My guess is not many people would consider building a custom piece of software which performs math and other worksheet related tasks. While this is an obvious example, it highlights an important factor for many in deciding between custom and configurable software solutions . Fact is, everybody understands how Microsoft Excel works.

Let's mix it up a bit and add the opinions that you have regarding what makes your approach to business so special.The things that you do, in an industry, which are totally unique to your competitors.This is where it gets a bit murky, we must tease out the transactional components from the value add aspects of software.For instance, you use a staffing system to help find, manage, and retain internal and external employees.Is the…
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Single Point of Entry

Cloud platforms, with all of their interconnected tools and functions, are perceived by some as overwhelming.  Sure change is hard, yet it meets considerable resistance when the worker must deal with too many factors, such as: their anxiety related to computinghaving too many choices Both of these, along with many others not mentioned, make it too easy to revert back to comfortable habits.  This is the reason that so many organizations stop at email and file management on their transformation journey.  One solution to be considered is allowing the workers to get comfortable with a single point of entry (SPoE).  That is a single application that can serve as the launching pad for all digital tools.   A well executed SPoE provides value for the office and remote workers alike.  Imagine that you had just one business application, a single place that you would travel to and jump in to meaningful digital tools.  Sound familiar?  Sure, for those of you using stationary computers this is exa…

Value on Investment | cloud platforms

I believe, for many organizations, that their digital world is flat. Satisfied with their transfer of Email and file workloads to the cloud. Our Platform Value Predictor (PVP) allows individuals and organizations an opportunity to understand the level at which they are extracting value from their cloud platform investments. This predictor focuses on modern workplace habits and provides the greatest perspective when completed by all members of your organization, regardless of role, from the office to the field and everywhere between.  Access the survey:
After you have answered this brief series of questions you will have seen your results and may compare them to the "norm" by following the link at the top of the results page ( ).  If you would like to have a PVP configured for your organization, please don't hesitate to reach out, the results will astonish you.

Disdain for email

originally published ARP2008 and still relevant 11 years later!
It is hard to believe that this year I will be celebrating my 20th year working in an office environment. As many know from reading this blog I started as a field service technician, a position which is still dear to my heart. I have been carrying the same flag for many years, that flag is focused on creating a culture which shares and learns from one another. Facilitating a culture which is continuously evolving as it has matured to a point where the organization is self perpetuating success and opportunity for its members. The vehicle used to drive towards this perfect culture has always been collaboration. [Collaboration: the act of working together with one of more people in order to achieve something].
At the root of my disdain for e-mail is the fundamental realization that e-mail is functionally opposite of collaboration. [E-mail: computer to computer communication system: a system that allows text based messages t…


As the steam from Avid Andy's coffee fogged his glasses on this crisp January morning, he reflected on last year and thought enthusiastically about the year ahead.Sometimes the noise of business is deafening, we rarely take the time to contemplate our moves, instead are often thrown one direction or another.Hey, face it, if you are reading posts to gain perspective you fall in the group of folks who pride themselves as obsequious hoop-jumpers.We live to help others and expect that all of those around us feel the same way.
I just love Influential Irene.Okay, it is out in the open, she is an inspiration for me and so many others.Irene reminds folks every year, without fail, these three statements which she fondly refers to as "the punchline" (although this is no joke).Businesses, of any size, will be successful if they remember that it is people that make a company.Put this advice into practice, today:
Sincerity | do you really believe that people want to do the right thin…

Amazon delivery | Rome 345 AD

A quick allegory regarding digital transformation.

You have a thriving delivery business based in Rome, 345 AD.Imagine that you are the first company to introduce, what will become Amazon delivery centuries from now, a package service.Your route is a bit treacherous, filled with small rises and many rocks.As he wipes the sweat from his brow, a glance to the right reveals the perfect route, straight, flat and rock free.Each day, as you push and pull, you dream about one day figuring out how to cut through the thick vegetation and open a faster and more efficient path.

One afternoon, while eating lunch on the side of the road, your buddy Flavius sits down to visit with you awhile.Quintus, my friend, you have to check out my new set of wheels.Flavius continues; "my cousin returned from his long journey, back from Mesopotamia, where he found these round wheels".Standing in complete shock, Quintus could not believe his eyes, and more importantly imagined how much more efficient …

Is Innovation Impossible?

Ingenious Igor seemed to be perplexed when Avid Andy asked, "Igor how would you describe Innovation".Andy, started Igor in a crackling voice, Innovation is anything where the output causes a shift in direction.You see Andy, many assume that change and innovation are synonyms, that is not the case.Instead, continued Igor, Innovation is the whole package; creative and often disruptive design, deliberate deployment, and absolute adoption.After a pregnant pause Igor blurted out, Innovation is a tall order and success is only realized after the "I believe button" changes to an "I can't live without" admission by naysayers and supporters alike.Depending upon the directional impact and breadth of the innovation, the transformation could take weeks, months, or years.

Inspiring innovation across the organization is different for everyone; however, a few thoughts may help get you started:

Undisputable destination | no surprise for anyone reading my pa…